The Loft

The Loft

For two years, we’ve worked alongside the Knowle business, 1683 Chocolate Place to transform their branding, website, and video marketing. We crafted a new identity that evokes the history and spirit of the chocolate-making tradition and created new packaging and other promotional materials for the business.

You would imagine that the biggest benefit to working with an artisan chocolatier has been sampling the product, but the real cherry on top has been seeing just how fast the business has grown (if we’re being honest though, it’s a close call). 

Not many agencies can say that their work prompted a chocolate shortage, but that’s exactly what happened. The new website we made pulled in so many customers that they couldn’t make chocolates fast enough - a disaster for the people of Knowle, but a reason to make 1683 Chocolate Place glad that they’d chosen us. 

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