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summer fest

You can probably tell by now, we love festivals, it’s hard to pick a favourite between Pride and Summer fest, so we’re not going to. We’ve worked alongside them for 5 years now and been able to watch it grow into the spectacular festival it has become.


Take a look at our favourite…


innovation fest

Innovation Fest at Birmingham City University was a dynamic week filled with thought-provoking speakers and cutting-edge exhibitions. We not only created an engaging highlights video to capture the essence of the week but also ensured that the entire event was accessible to a broader audience through live streaming.


Take a look at the highlights video…


Birmingham pride

Each year when pride comes round we love it! High energy, sunshine, good music, good vibes, and good people, and that’s what we try to capture in our videos. We’ve made 12 videos for Pride so far, each of them being a same-day turn around to promote the event.


Up for a bit of festive fun? Take a look here.


Hemsby Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekender

The 1950’s really was a great decade for rock n roll, and if that’s your cup of tea then you can relive that iconic era with Hemsby’s rock n roll weekender. Fancy a little sneak preview of what it’s like?


Just click here.


Pairc Festival

Pairc Festival, a two-year-old Irish festival, is a joy to capture through our highlight videos. The festival’s vibrant spirit and Irish culture makes every moment brilliant. We’re thrilled to continue sharing its magic! 🍀


Watch here to see how it turned out!


Solihull BID

Food Festival

Solihull Bid Food Festival is a dynamic and engaging weekend that brings the community together for a diverse range of entertainment. It’s an annual event that reflects the vibrant spirit of Solihull, offering something for everyone to enjoy.


Click here to give it a watch!


Soul Selection

Soul Selection is a small event with big entertainment, featuring DJs, live music, dancers, and more for an unforgettable experience that keeps the energy high all night. We always love filming these events, capturing the excitement and joy of the crowd.


Watch here to see how it turned out!


The Platinum Jubilee

In 2022, The Queen hit a huge milestone and we were honoured to be involved helping Birmingham

celebrate it in style!


Watch here to see how it turned out!