Educational Videos


Sertec – Am2pm

Sertec: A leading automotive engineering factory. Join us through this AM2PM Recruitment explainer video and see if this is something we could create for you!


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Equal Group

The Equal Group work to identify and eliminate bias from the workplace, using data, technology and supported by advanced strategic consulting. Take a look at one of the videos we made to help them spread their message.


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Creative Alliance

We’ve created an exciting video promoting Creative Alliance’s Careers Day. This video features interviews with professionals from diverse creative fields, offering a sneak peek into the event and inspiring potential participants to explore creative career opportunities.


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West Midlands

Platinum Jubilee

Music Competition

2022 Celebrated Queen Elizabeths Platinum Jubilee, The WMPJMC was a competition held for students to compose and perform a song to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, we were just there to capture it for everyone to see.


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Visit Knowle Time machine

Knowle is a little village with a large history, take a little trip back in time with us to see what Knowle was and what it has become to the people living there.


1683 Chocolate place

Get to know a little more about Joe, his chocolates and his process. If it’s a little ‘get to know video’ you’re after, give this a watch and see what we could do for you.




These videos are quite close to our hearts. Over the past couple of years we have created 50 mini documentaries about small West Midlands based charities to be shown at the awards night of The Queen’s Award for voluntary service. 


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