Does The New Paramount+ Logo Contain a HUGE Mistake?

Every designer’s worst nightmare.

Paramount+ logo
The new Paramount+ logo (Image credit: Paramount)

While not every logo redesign looks great as a whole, it’s unusual for a straight-up, bonafide design error to slip through the net. And with the amount of sign-off required for larger companies, every pixel has usually been pored over before a design goes live. So the fact that eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a potential mistake on the new Paramount+ logo is a little surprising.

Revealed last week, the design for Paramount+ (one of a squillion or so streaming services to emerge in the last few years), is a contemporary take on the film studio’s famous mountain. Like most new logos, the two-tone design is a decidedly flat affair. But unlike any of our best logos, it’s getting designers talking for all the wrong reasons.

Paramount logo
Is it deliberate? (Image credit: Screenshot from Reddit)

A Reddit user pointed out (above) that one detail of the mountain looks suspiciously like a random, rounded vector line – inconsistent with the rest of the logo’s sharper shading. And now, just like everyone else on Reddit, we simply can’t unsee it. Perhaps the designer didn’t check out our best vector art tutorials before setting out to climb this mountain of a task.

Many have speculated whether the rounded line was left in the final design by mistake. “This is my fear as a designer,” one Redditor commented, “that the internet is gonna see a mistake on my design.” “I wonder if they uploaded the wrong file by mistake and now it’s everywhere?” another added. “Client probably unwittingly grabbed the wrong version and rolled with it. It was final_final_final.svg not final_final.svg.” (We’ve all been there.)

One designer has even ‘fixed’ the design, removing the offending line entirely (below). But while this means our eyes are no longer drawn to the possible error, it also reduces the mountain’s texture. Surely a thinner, sharper version of the line is all that’s required?

Paramount logo
(Image credit: Screenshot from Reddit)

But while Reddit is convinced that the line is a mistake, after viewing the case study by Loyalkaspar, the studio behind the design, we’re not so sure. As the image below shows, the studio chose its highlights very deliberately, with one diagonal line corresponding exactly with those offending pixels.

Paramount logo
A screenshot from Loyalkaspar’s case study (Image credit: Loyalkaspar)

Of course, it’s still possible that while the presence of said line was intentional, it wasn’t supposed to be quite so jarringly round and thick. Either way, neither Paramount nor Loyalkaspar is likely to be delighted that their design is drawing so much suspicious scrutiny from designers.

Whether or not the design was deliberate, we’ll be filing Paramount’s mysterious vector line firmly under ‘cannot unsee’ – where it joins the likes of Amazon’s unfortunate new app icon and the logo so offensive it received a police complaint.


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