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    Attention Solihull Business Owners:

    January 17, 2023

    Attention Solihull Business Owners:

    Want to Stand Out in the Sea of Entrepreneurs? Dive into Video Production!

    Let’s face it, Solihull is a hub for business, with new startups and entrepreneurs popping up left and right. And in this sea of competition, how do you make sure your business doesn’t get lost in the shuffle? The answer is simple: video production.

    Sure, you might be thinking “But my business isn’t flashy or exciting, how can a video make a difference?” Well, let us tell you, a good video can make any business look and feel like the next big thing. Plus, in Solihull, it’s essential to do something different to stand out, and video production is the perfect way to do just that.

    Think about it, the most popular Solihull businesses have a unique story to tell, and what better way to tell it than with a video? From the trendy cafes to the innovative tech companies, a video can showcase their unique offerings and personalities in a way that text and still images just can’t match.

    So, whether you’re a small startup or a well-established business, it’s time to invest in video production and make your mark in the Solihull business scene. Trust us, your customers (and competition) will thank you for it.

    Don’t be a boring fish in the sea of Solihull entrepreneurs, stand out.

    Solihull Summer Fest Stage. Birmingham Video Production
    Last year, Studio Forty Six had the opportunity to work alongside Solihull Summer Fest, one of the city’s most exciting and highly-anticipated events. As a video production company, our goal was to capture the essence of the festival and showcase all the amazing sights and sounds it had to offer.

    We created 5 videos over the weekend, highlighting the best of the live music performances, the delicious food vendors, and the fun-filled activities for kids. The response was overwhelming, with festival-goers praising the videos for capturing the energy and excitement of the event.

    Our efforts paid off, as the videos not only helped to promote the festival but also led to a surge in ticket sales and early bird buys for the next year’s event. This was a testament to the power of video production and how it can be used to effectively promote events and drive ticket sales. We are excited to continue our partnership with Solihull Summer Fest and help them to create even more memorable experiences for their attendees.”

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