6 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Important

If you are not using video yet in your marketing strategy, then it’s probably time. Video is now the preferred medium for consuming online information for the majority of internet users and it’s only growing in popularity. To drive home the effectiveness of video content, take a look at some of these eye-popping stats below:

–   By the year 2022, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be made up of online videos. That is a huge increase of 15X the levels witnessed back in 2017. (Stat courtesy of Cisco)

–   Out of every 10 people, 6 would rather watch online videos over terrestrial television. (Stat courtesy of Google)

–   Over 1 billion hours of YouTube content is consumed on the platform every single day. (Stat courtesy of Google)

–   78% of people watch some form of online video each week and 55% of people watch an online video every single day. (Stat courtesy of HubSpot)

Above we can see why video marketing is so important – because it’s now the format that users are most engaged with and expect. If you’re not investing in video content, then you run the risk of users simply bypassing text-based pages or documents and seeking out rival brands who do have video.

6 Reasons Highlighting The Importance Of Video Marketing

Everyone knows video views are exploding and that investing in video content has too many benefits to mention. Below we have outlined 6 of our lesser-known reasons on why video is important in marketing:

Videos Are Highly Shareable Assets – video content is a lot more shareable than other forms of content such as Slide decks, PDFs or audio-based files. People are highly unlikely to share content if it requires a high degree of effort for their connections to consume. Investing in short 2 minute videos is the best way to tap into network effects and get your message going viral.

People Retain More Information From Video Content – this emphasises the importance of video marketing if you are a business trying to educate or inform.  It’s been proven that users retain much more of the key information if it’s embedded within a video, as opposed to text. This makes your message register much stronger & has a longer-lasting impact.

Algorithms Love Video Content – the main digital platforms like Instagram, Google or Facebook are continually making decisions about which content they should show to specific users. The great news is if your uploading video-based content, this gets prioritised & gets a head start. Platforms are more likely to show video content to their users and the content is also likely to have a longer shelf life in people’s news feeds.

Video Content Builds Trust – it’s a fact, videos create a more trusting environment for your visitors. When we consume a text-heavy webpage, we sometimes don’t know whether the content on that page is accurate or even if it has been pasted from elsewhere. Users recognise that it takes a lot more effort to put together a video and are more likely to trust what is being said by the brand. It also helps to visually see someone as an ambassador for a brand, to hear their voice and see their personality.

You Can Animate Them – good brands are storytellers by nature and some stories they may want to tell, may just be too complex or difficult to explain with text. Videos are so effective because you can do anything with them – if you have a strange story or message to tell (which can’t be shot in real life), you can animate it. Bringing to life any creative concoction your brand feels worth sharing, animation gives brands the ultimate level of content flexibility and truly emphasises the effectiveness of video content.

Video Content Opens The Doors To New Platforms – the importance of video in marketing is clear because without it you can’t physically advertise in some of the web’s most lucrative platforms. Taking the time to create a stunning marketing video is the first step, but once you have invested in video content you then have the opportunity to utilise that video in a growing number of destinations. Digital billboards in city centres are becoming increasingly popular and without video, you won’t be able to take advantage of some of the promotional opportunities provided by the likes of YouTube, Video On Demand Services or working with high-end influencers.

We hope you agree that video marketing is important in the fast-paced world we live in. At Studio Forty Six we create amazing animated videos that help brands communicate & tell their stories. If you’re thinking about investing in video content, feel free to get in touch and our talented team can walk you through how we approach new projects.


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